Krutant Sinh

Jr. Frontend Developer

Personal Biography

Krutant Sinh is a talented Junior Frontend Developer with a passion for WordPress development. With a keen interest in web technologies and a desire to excel in the field, Krutant has quickly made his mark in the industry. His journey as a developer is driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to mastering the intricacies of frontend development.

As a Junior Frontend Developer, Krutant brings a fresh perspective and eagerness to learn to every project he undertakes. With a focus on WordPress, he is proficient in creating responsive and visually appealing websites that meet client requirements and industry standards. Krutant thrives in collaborative environments, where he can leverage his skills to contribute effectively to team projects and achieve collective goals.

Krutant’s dedication to continuous learning and his proactive approach to skill development set him apart as a rising talent in the field of frontend development. With each new project, he embraces challenges with enthusiasm and determination, striving to expand his knowledge and refine his craft. As he continues to grow in his role, Krutant remains committed to delivering high-quality solutions and making a positive impact in the world of WordPress development.

Proffesional skills

70 %
UI/UX Design
75 %
Web Development
85 %


  • WordPress Development and Customization
  • Frontend Design and Development
  • Collaborative Project Coordination
  • Continuous Learning and Skill Enhancement
  • Client Communication and Requirement Analysis

Diversity of Experience

Krutant Sinh’s journey as a Junior Frontend Developer showcases a diverse range of experiences within the realm of WordPress development. From crafting custom themes to optimizing frontend designs, Krutant has encountered various project scopes and challenges. His exposure to different client needs and industry verticals has equipped him with a versatile skill set and a deep understanding of frontend development principles. This diversity of experience enables Krutant to approach each new project with adaptability, creativity, and a commitment to delivering tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

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